The Stolen Gallery, Děčín - Podmokly, CZ

Exhibition "Focus"

Objects painted in deserts and fantastic landscapes may represent totems, possibly talismans of our time. We are people in an unknown land trying to define our purpose and spirituality. Are we separated from the place where we belong? Are we constantly looking for the very purpose of our existence? These paintings could be interpreted as a mix of symbols with the power to create new questions. Take a moment and imagine sitting in Mark Rothko’s Chapel in Houston and try focusing on your essence of being, your surroundings…everything that binds you to this world and makes you whole. Take a seat. Focus.

exhibition opening: 18.6.2015 - 19:00


Dear Fan,
I’m very pleased you are interested in my work and in this particular piece. If you would like to know more about this painting, feel free to get in touch using the contact information below.
Have a great day!
Martina Koblic Walterová