Martina Walterová (7.10.1988, Prague Czechoslovakia). She has a master´s degree from Visual Arts, graduated in 2013 at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Ostrava University in the painting class of prof. Daniel Balabán. She also took an internship at Katowice Silesian University Art Institute in Poland, focusing on sculpture (class of prof.Andrzej Szarek) and painting (class of prof. Elżbieta Kuraj). She received a University Class Award in 2012 and her paintings were displayed at a number of individual and group exhibitions. She was a organizer and a member of a civic association Štkaní which organizes yearly summer artistic workshops. Recently she also cooparates to realized a visual arts project in public space like Sametové Posvícení which is a satirical political mask processon of civic iniciatives, schools and non-profit organizations. Takes place on a national holiday Day of struggle for freedom and democracy at 17. november more commenly known as “The Velevet Revolution”. Overlaps from classical painting techniques are common for her such asi drawing, mask carving, sculpting, collages and scenography. She si an freelance artist and is mainly devoted to free creation. Besides, that she teaches as an external lecturer and works as a restorator. She lives and works in Prague.


Martina’s art surprises the viewer with a distinctive atmosphere of unrestrained energy, stemming from the painters` temperament. The paintings reveal messages of adventurous discoveries of both the inner and outer world. The author – with some anachronistic honesty – reaches her inner self with stylistic expression of forms and colors, so typical of modern painters such as Cezanne, Matisse or Picasso. She is aware, though, of the impossibility to express the world through a one single style formula. Thus, the space in her paintings is disrupted, unsteady. Biomorphic shapes contrast with the sharpness of the geometrical figures and plans of spaces. The figural paintings inspired by painters` childhood testify about the search of one`s place in the world. The author walks through a heavenly and – at the same time – apocalyptical colorful landscape, herself portrayed as colorless girlish figure, rather a sort of a shadow, a possibility, a memory. There are other paintings with animals, nature, fanciful forest vegetation. The mysterious setting of the paintings transforms experiences from the authors` studio – a shelter, a home. Martina`s paintings do invite the viewer to discover and to partake in the experience of an uneasy world. They are open and they hint at new roads, artistic and personal.

prof.Daniel Balabán